Sunday March 5, 2017

An Excursion to Nanjing

One of my favorite cities to have explored in China was the bustling, tier 2 city of Nanjing. The city is home ot one of the largest and most well-known universities in China, an attracting nightlife, and a vast history. There was much to see and do here, and, unfortunately, we only had one weekend to see as much as possible. The hotel we stayed in was quite nice and had a fantastic Western-style restaurant attached to it. After the long bus ride from Suzhou, students were thrilled to have some good comfort food and enjoy the coziness of the hotel. Saturday morning we traveled to the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall. None of us were fully prepared for the emotional display of this tragic piece of China's history. This was an incredible experience, and it gave me a new understanding of the Nanjing Massacre and what it means to the people of China. Following that heart-wrenching visit, we took a trip to another museum that contained beautiful artifacts and the histories of various dynasties. However, by this point, we were all pretty exhausted from the emotional drain of the morning. That evening was restful and called for a relaxing massage.

The next day, we got to visit the Mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, and we climbed all four hundred steps to the top of the mausoleum. Here, the view was gorgeous as it looked out on the sprawling foothills of the Purple Mountain. The park area was quite large and had an array of local food stands, souvenir shops, and people touring the area. By this time, I had started to get comfortable with trying different foods in China, so the vendors were fascinating for me to se the various concoctions they were selling. Food is just one aspect of my time here in China that has opened up a whole new view of the world for me. This experience abroad is one that I would recommend for anyone wanting to expand their scope of the globe, meet people from the most obscure places, and immerse themselves in a complex and deeply enriched culture. Traveling internationally has outcomes beyond my comprehensive, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity. 

Brad Wolfred, Junior, Psychology

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