Wednesday April 19, 2017

Academics at the China Institute

Part of the whole study abroad adventure is in the name - study. When considering where to study abroad, it was important to me to understand what curriculum is being offered. What's great about the China Institute is that all of the courses are UD classes so you don't have to worry about transfer credits. So, the classes you take at the China Institute align with your mandatory course requirements. All of the credits offered keep UD students on track to graduate on time and don't interfere with their graduate path.

Learning at the China Institute is beneficial to students in many ways. All of the classes have less than 15 students in them. Most of my classes averaged five students per professor. This is a huge advantage because it allows students to actively engage with the professor and have a direct focus on the subject. The professor also created strong bonds with their students gets to know them better. A majority of the faculty are UD professors who volunteered to teach abroad for the semester. All of the other faculty members speak English, but they come from various universities around China that give students a new perspective on learning a different style. The professors also find a balanced teaching pace and engaged learning so that all students can understand the material. They also offer plenty of office hours if a student needs extra help; they are always available.

Inside and outside the classroom, the students spend time with their professors. Both he students and faculty made a bold decision to live in China for almost four months, which is a great experience. It is nice having close relationships with the faculty and their families here because they are experiencing similar things as the students, which make it easier for us to relate to them. They also serve as mentors and counselors who are always willing to help you adjust to daily life or comfort you in a time of need. Many of these personal relationships have formed, helping both students and faculty. These bonds will be carried back to UD's campus.

Different classroom styles can also be found at the China Institute. I am in a class where my professor is located in Dayton but teaches once a week via video chat. The professor also has come to the China Institute three times during the semester to teach in-person. This is an innovative way that the University of Dayton is ensuring that students have the ability to take courses that align with their assigned curriculum.

All in all, the China Institute strives to maintain academic excellence. A variety of courses are offered, ranging from the School of Engineering to the School of Business Administration, and everything in-between.There is an opportunity for every student to take the classes he/she desires. The faculty encourage the success of their students, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Adrienne Zandvoort, Sophomore, Communication

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