Law, Business: The Perfect Professional Match

"The J.D./MBA program was actually a major factor in my decision to enroll at UD," explained Bailey, who holds an undergraduate degree in business from the University of Kansas. "It is both challenging and rewarding. Not only has each subject expanded my knowledge of the other, the J.D./MBA program gave me the prerequisites to undertake amazing internships."

Bailey has parlayed his dual business/law background into internships with U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill in Washington, D.C., the United Auto Workers in Detroit and a prosecutor's office.

He said his time in Washington, D.C., allowed him to network extensively, while his time in Detroit exposed him to both sides of labor law.

"In D.C., I learned to keep an open mind with regard to partisanship and business law. I went to hear everyone I could from Steve Forbes to Nancy Pelosi," Bailey said.

"In Detroit, it was great to understand from a business stance and the employee viewpoint what a union would look for in certain terms within a contract."

These unique summer internships were possible because the MBA program offers many classes online, a feature the business school implemented to extend educational opportunities to non-traditional and ambitious students, like Bailey.

"I chose UD's joint degree program because it had the most benefits and was the most cost effective to complete in three years," Bailey said about the long-standing program with a history of attracting outstanding candidates.

Bailey said each of his employers was impressed that he is pursuing an MBA along with his law degree and believed it would help him in the job market.

"They all commented that both degrees would distinguish me from other candidates," Bailey said. "The two degrees translate so well into each other, but now I need to narrow it down and decide what I want to do."

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