How Far Can A Law Degree Take You?

Scott Langford wasn't looking to move across the world.

“I didn’t have anything particular in mind," Langford says. "I was looking for the X factor.”

He found it at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare in New Zealand.

"I had phone interviews," Langford says. "About five weeks later, I was filling out a visa application to move to New Zealand."

Langford's journey across the world started with a trip to the University of Dayton School of Law.

"To me it was the two-year program," Langford says when asked what made him decide to attend Dayton Law.

The school helped Langford go down the road to becoming a patent attorney.

"There were a couple of technology companies where I was able to do internships," Langford says. "It worked out well for me and I really enjoyed it."

Langford likes working in New Zealand. He returned to the U.S. recently for a wedding. During the visit, he stopped at the School of Law for the annual Program In Law and Technology Seminar. There he joined others who share his love of patent law, no matter where it takes them.

"A lot of lawyers, people come to see them on a bad day," Langford says. "I get the experience of inventors coming and saying, 'I’ve got this cool thing, let me tell you about it.' I get to write about it and research it."

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