Thursday March 10, 2016

Engineering a Strategic Plan

By Karen Updyke, School of Engineering

The University of Dayton School of Engineering had a momentous year in 2015. Since 1911, engineering alumni have generated advances and contributions to the world from the development of motion pictures, created by Joe Pesce ’28, to the development of the overhead projector, created by Roman Shoenherr ’56. Throughout the years, our faculty, staff, students and alumni have changed the world.

Fast forward to the year 2015: Dean Eddy Rojas’ leadership establishes the School of Engineering’s Strategic Plan. The cutting-edge, five-year plan presents a bright future for the School. Dean Rojas welcomed representation and participation from all constituents: Students, faculty, staff and alumni as well as individuals from business and government. A diverse group attended the School’s strategic planning sessions, and their hard work culminated in the School’s Strategic Plan. The uniquely devised plan follows the School’s educational values while living out the School’s five values: community, innovation, excellence, engagement, and service.

The Plan established the School's vision, mission and divided the implementation into the following three goals:  

Dean Rojas began implementation immediately by naming the following School of Engineering faculty and staff to new positions: Margie Pinnell, Associate Dean for Faculty and Staff Development; Scott Segalewitz, Associate Dean for Experiential Learning and Student Success; Bob Wilkens, Associate Dean for Research and Innovation; Laura Bistrek, Director of Diversity in Engineering Center; Ken Bloemer, Director of Visioneering Center; Rebecca Blust, Director of Innovation Center; Nancy Chase, Director of Cooperative Education; Malcolm Daniels, Director of the ETHOS Center; Teri Stemley, Assistant to the Dean; Jill Morgan, Program Manager of the ETHOS Center; and Michelle Strunks, Manager of Student Success.

In addition to the plan, the team worked on dramatic changes to the interior of the Eugene W. Kettering Laboratory building to showcase our engineering educational advancements.

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