Wednesday June 1, 2016

Award of Excellence to the Outstanding Cooperative Education Student in Engineering

By Devon Florczak

This year's recipient of the Outstanding Cooperative Education Student in Engineering award is Julie Kolodziej. Julie, a civil engineering graduating senior, worked with Marathon Petroleum Company as a co-op for four work terms. Through Julie worked in four different departments and gained valuable work experience during her four work rotations.

Reflecting back on her co-op experience, Julie stated, “Working as a co-op with Marathon Petroleum has an endless list of advantages that have helped me grow professionally, technically, academically, and socially.  MPC rotates their engineering co-ops through as many different departments as possible.  I got to work with 4 different groups of engineers, had 4 different mentors and 4 different supervisors. Working with such a large variety of engineers allowed me to learn the different approaches and techniques that project leaders use to solve problems and work with others.”

Julie’s co-op experience opened the door to a full-time engineering position with Marathon. She is very excited to continue working for them.  Congratulations, Julie!

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