University of Dayton School of Engineering Marina Mancuso Chemical Engineering Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers

Chemical Engineering Student Named Collegiate Star

By Natalie O?Brien ?19, marketing communications intern

Mancuso was involved in SASE during the first year it became an official chapter at the University of Dayton (UD), eventually becoming the chapter’s fourth president.
The award, which recognizes her dedication as a role model and leader as well as her contribution to SASE’s mission, was presented to her at the 2017 SASE national conference and STEM career fair dinner in October.
The collegiate star explained why receiving this award is not only meaningful to her and her SASE chapter, but to the entire UD community. Since the University has a relatively small enrollment, national recognition is a big deal.
“It's an honor to receive national recognition while representing a smaller university. Like myself, it shows that your size doesn't limit your accomplishments and achievements,” said the 4’11” Mancuso.
While receiving this prestigious award sets her apart from others, Mancuso believes other engineers can differentiate themselves too.
“I believe other engineers can set themselves apart by taking their passion and putting every ounce of energy into it. Whether it's a student organization, a research project, or having your own startup, sharing what you love with others tends to have a contagious effect. When others see your hard work and dedication, it inspires them to pursue their passions too,” said Mancuso.
Mancuso’s enthusiasm stood out to both SASE and her peers. The society identified Mancuso as someone who really helped establish the SASE chapter at UD, proving it could bring tremendous value to the student body.

In terms of how this award will help her in the future, Mancuso mentioned how women are continuing to fight for equality in male dominated fields, and Asian Americans are statistically less likely to receive recognition for leadership roles. 

“During the award ceremony, the announcer made a comment that 'all of this years' collegiate and rising star award recipients (seven awards) are women.' I thought this was a huge accomplishment,” Mancuso said.

“I will leverage this award to continue to break glass and bamboo ceilings. That is my ultimate career goal."

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