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Integrative Science & Engineering (ISE) STEM Research

By Christopher Miller

The Integrative Science and Engineering Program is manifesting experiential learning (EL) at its finest by providing undergraduate students with a comprehensive opportunity to research challenges in STEM fields.

The ISE Summer CoRPs (Collaborative Research Projects) is launching a new student research fellowship this year during summer 2018. In this fellowship, University of Dayton students will be paired with two or three faculty mentors from various fields to conduct research in the natural sciences, engineering and mathematics. During the fellowship, students are given the chance to guide their own learning by means of preferencing their possible research ideas from a list of topics. This unique style of learning allows students take ownership of the learning process. Projects include “Insectile Neurochemistry,” “Computational modeling of ecosystems,” “Evolution of bacterial resistance” and many more.

The collaborative nature and mentorship between the students and faculty provides hands-on opportunities to ensure the academic, professional and vocational progression of those involved. Students will be introduced to different disciplines and perspectives pertaining to research challenges while working within diverse teams aligned toward a mutual goal.

APPLY NOW to this remarkable developmental program by 5 p.m. on March 25. Undergraduate students from the College of Arts and Sciences or School of Engineering who have completed their first year are eligible to apply. Students from underrepresented minorities in STEM fields are especially encouraged to apply.

Students accepted in to this program will receive a $5,000 fellowship award, and participating faculty may receive up to $1,000 in reimbursement for research supplies. For more information, go to ISE’s website.

It is amazing how well this program hits each component of EL that makes it a rich opportunity. It takes a lot for university program coordinators and directors to come together and create something of this caliber. The ISE Summer CoRP provides a unique experience for all fortunate enough to participate. From faculty mentors, reflection, diversity, to collaboration and leadership development this program does it all. Contact the ISE at (937) 229-2678 and, or contact executive director Doug Daniels for more information.

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