How Do We Revolutionize Rehabilitation?

How do we revolutionize rehabilitation? IACT certificate students Brittany Kieffer, Michael Gilbert and Christa White are actionizing their Ikigai+ purposes to develop a restorative framework for people with addiction.


Introducing: Team Rehabilitation

Brittany Kieffer is a senior psychology major and wants to use her IACT certificate experience to make people’s lives better and brighter. Her purpose to innovate the ways we can use media to de-stigmatize mental illness is what she’s bringing to the table through the lens of interpersonal relationships.

Michael Gilbert is a medicinal pharmaceutical chemistry major and wants to apply the IACT mindset to remodel post-emergency treatment. He is combining his EMT training with his purpose to advocate for a more holistic approach to restoring independence to those affected by the opioid epidemic.

Christa White is an exercise physiology major and wants to use her IACT certificate experience to serve patients through innovation of nutrition, fitness, and counseling in health care. Her Catholic upbringing and mindset of service help her to focus on that which she is passionate about, while remembering that “there is no box.”

Together, Team Rehabilitation is combining addiction education, treatment, and service in order to develop a holistic framework for people with addiction by restoring independence through full mental, physical and emotional rehabilitation.

At the Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation (IACT) at ArtStreet, we seek to empower a forward-thinking 21st century student with the ability to confidently develop the imaginative and creative skills necessary to excel and impact today’s innovative and global workforce regardless of degree focus. IACT is home to the nation’s first undergraduate certificate in Applied Creativity for Transformation. Open to undergraduate students of any major, the certificate is a first step in achieving the University of Dayton’s vision of innovation, applied creativity, entrepreneurship and community engagement for the common good.

The IACT curriculum introduces students to the creative competencies that today’s job market demands — critical perspective, complex problem solving and collaboration with others — while applying those same skills to the students’ diverse disciplines of study. Our mindset of applied creativity stems from transdisciplinary learning (the unity of intellectual frameworks beyond the disciplinary perspectives) and a humanity-centered approach, harnessing imagination and vision to effectively implement unexpected, innovative ideas that can change the world. For more information about IACT at ArtStreet, call 937-229-5101 or visit go.udayton.edu/iact.

Written by Amy Pompilio ‘19

Video produced by Alexandra Damiani '18

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