CIC: Curiosity in the Classroom

By Said Alhamri and Mary Kay Kelly

The CIC ILLC: A priceless opportunity for incoming-education majors

The Curiosity in the Classroom (CIC) Integrated Learning and Living Community (ILLC) is devoted entirely to education majors. This program, which is jointly supported by the School of Education and Health Sciences and the College of Arts and Sciences, brings faculty members from the departments of Teacher Education, Physics, and Geology to work together toward a common goal: empower our education majors.  Based on the feedback from participating students and the attendance at this ILLC’s activities, the CIC can certainly be described as highly successful. Below are some testimonials that summarize the experience of past participants.

Statements from students in the Fall 2016 CIC ILLC

“The ILLC events were a great way to build community and fellowship with students who share the same values, dreams, and goals, as we are all education majors. We could share our passion with like-minded people. It was great to feel like we belonged in the very first semester of college.” Andrea Knuth

"Being a part of the ILLC really transformed my first semester as a freshman at UD. I got to meet, interact, and develop relationships with people studying in the same major as me and all living on the same floor. During the ILLC events, we got to eat yummy food and learn about new things that sparked my interest!" Madeline Mader

“I like the ILLC because even though we come from different places, ultimately we all want to end up in the same place: the classroom. Understanding this has made me feel an incredible sense of comfort and support, and as a result, I have made strong friendships that I otherwise would not have. For that I am grateful!” Fiona Campo

“I loved hearing the different teaching experiences that the speakers had to share with us during the ILLC events. Not only did they offer advice about the teaching profession, but they also incorporated many life lessons as well!” Kayla Flaute

“The ILLC events have been both entertaining and educational. Being able to hear stories and experiences from current teachers inspired me and strengthened my passion and desire to become a teacher. It also made my transition to UD a much smoother one.” Camila Lopez Gomez

“The ILLC is a great avenue to get you more immersed in the education program here at Dayton. The guest speakers we had gave us an inside feel of what the teaching world is truly like. We had guest speakers from different areas in Dayton, and it was very interesting to see three different perspectives on teaching. Also it made me have more of a love for teaching --  seeing how dedicated they were.”  Caelin Micks

“I love being in an ILLC! I feel it was a good way to meet new people similar to myself. I know the majority of the people in my ILLC, which is nice because now I also know almost everyone in my classes. I like living on a floor with others who are studying education. When I need help, I have a friend either across from me or next to me willing to give a helping hand. Being in an ILLC has been nothing but a positive experience!” Anna Lambert

"I enjoyed the ILLC events. I found them all to benefit me in different ways. Our first event with the middle school educators taught me that I need to be a runner, when I start to teach; I will have to go extra miles to truly make an impact on my class. Each event taught me about why individuals become teachers and what inspires them to educate. It made me reflect on the reasons why I am becoming a teacher. Furthermore, I was surrounded by other students in the education department who share the same values as I do.  It allowed for easy conversations and growth." Caroline Sanicola
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