Wednesday October 7, 2015

Pamphlet Collection no longer ?Hidden?

<p>Records for a collection of more than 11,000 pamphlets previously unknown outside of the Marian Library have been added to the catalog this week.</p>

The collection has been growing for decades and a spreadsheet of titles was kept internally. With the help of the IT staff, the librarians were able to pass on their carefully collected information to the libraries’ catalogers. The data needed a lot of modification, but eventually a reworked spreadsheet was sent off to the Online Computer Library Center. The OCLC manages, a database of bibliographic records used by libraries all over the world. The staff there turned our spreadsheet into records that now appear in and are compatible with our catalog software.

In a matter of days after the records appeared the Marian Library received its first interlibrary loan request for one of the pamphlets. The world has found our collection!

The pamphlets are in many different languages and and cover mostly Marian topics including devotions such as the Rosary and scapular, novenas and other prayers, Marian doctrines, and histories of Marian shrines and apparitions. They are an excellent resource documenting popular and scholarly understandings of Mary in various countries and time periods.

Joan Milligan, Metadata and Catalog Specialist, and Dr. Jason Bourgeois, Librarian-Theologian.

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