Friday December 11, 2015

Christmas Cr?ches = Love

<span>Advent is underway and cr&amp;#232;ches from&amp;#160;the Marian Library's collection are an inspiration on and far off of campus.</span>

Dear Friends,

Advent is a special time and this liturgical year has started off in new ways for me.

On Sunday we drove up to the University of Notre Dame to participate in the pilgrimage of our crèches. There were about 150 people and we processed to 4 buildings with song, prayer and a decade of the rosary at each location. Our sets looked really beautiful in the buildings on Notre Dame's campus and I heard many wonderful comments. A good variety of crèches were sent and one comment I heard several times is 'how amazing it is that crèches are made so differently even when the nativity event is the same.' All of our hard work with the crèches allowed Notre Dame to shine!

On a side note, the feast of the Immaculate Conception was celebrated at 12:30 mass in our newly renovated UD Immaculate Conception chapel. It was really well attended by many students, always refreshing to see the faith practiced even when they are away from home.

More good news! Mepkin Abbey displayed 30 or our nativity sets and in 2 weeks had 8,209 visitors! They are only open for those 2 weeks, give tours of 20 people at a time and have reservations booked for months in advance. Our sets came back yesterday because now the Trappist monks prayerfully, and in silence, prepare for Christmas.

And, at home, the At the Manger exhibit is continuing to draw in visitors. A 3rd grade Brownie troop and 2nd graders from Bishop Leibold school visited last week, as well as 4th graders from Holy Angels school. Tuesday's tour of 115 students from Incarnation school went very well. The 6th graders were well behaved, enthusiastic and attentive to our presentations. Yesterday 60 kindergarten students came from Holy Angels while an adult tour of 50 was going on. There has been a consistent flow of tours as well as walk-ins. We definitely are having many visitors and I'm glad word is getting out!

A heartfelt thanks and many prayers to all of our volunteers and staff who make this wonderful ministry of sharing the crèches with thousands of people happen every year. I know what we do touches many hearts and rekindles the faith of God's people.

Merry Christmas and love, Michele 

– Michele Devitt, Curatorial Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator

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