Monday January 4, 2016

Weekly Features: January 4, 2016

We continue on with our celebration of the Christmas season with a variety of features. We hope you find the following resources from our All About Mary website helpful. Search All About Mary for additional material. And, don't forget to visit At the Manger before it closes on January 24!

Christmas Season

Mary, Nursing Mother

Marian Feasts, Past and Present

Which are the Marian Feast Days?

Votive Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary:
Holy Mary, Mother of God
The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Savior
The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Epiphany of the Lord
The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Presentation of the Lord
Our Lady of Nazareth
Our Lady of Cana
See: Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Mary and Animals

January Commemorations

Image shown: Mary Among a Multitude of Animals by Albrecht Dürer

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