Wednesday July 6, 2016

Christmas in July

All Saints Parish in southeastern Indiana is hosting a traveling crèche display during the months of July and August. The display will coincide with three summer festivals that take place in this unique parish community. The dates and locations (all an hour from Dayton) are as follows:

In addition to scenes from the Marian Library, the Franciscan Sisters of Oldenburg, and other private collections will be included. The display will also have an interesting theological display connecting the crèche and the death and resurrection of Jesus: from the virgin womb to the virgin tomb and from the borrowed cave to the borrowed grave. For more information, please contact All Saints Parish at 812-576-4302 or visit their website at Why wait until November and December to display our love for the crèche – July and August is a perfect time. You can also have a great chicken dinner, some fellowship, and summer fun.

Look through the photo gallery for a sampling of the sets sent to Indiana from the Marian Library's collection.

– Michele Devitt, Curatorial Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator

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