Wednesday March 29, 2017

Do you have a Mary Garden?

By Kayla Harris, Librarian/Archivist

One goal of the Marian Library and the Mary's Gardens exhibit is to carry on John Stokes's Mary's Garden movement and invite others to do the same.

Have you created a Mary garden for your home or helped maintain a Mary garden? The Marian Library is interested in hearing from you! Whether you currently maintain a Mary garden or have past memories of a Mary garden, we ask that you share your stories.

Please answer our short questionnaire so that we can learn about your traditions with Mary gardening. One respondent reported that her family brought a statue of Our Lady with them as they moved houses and that they are, “planning to re-grade and make improvements to our yard, which include a bigger and better Mary garden.” 

A Mary garden can be any size, large or small, and usually centers around a statue of Mary with flowers and plants that were once traditionally named for her. To learn more about Mary gardens and the exhibit at the University of Dayton please visit

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