Tuesday December 12, 2017

While Unpacking a Box

By Michele Devitt, Curatorial Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator

The Marian Library recently received a beautiful 19-piece Nativity originally from Fribourg, Switzerland. The set was donated by Mrs. John Fish and came to us by way of her neighbor, Ginny Whalen, who is one of our volunteers. After unpacking the pieces, the empty box sat on the floor waiting to be recycled. As a volunteer was pulling out the old and yellowed tissue paper, a newspaper dated 1967 was noticed at the bottom of the box! It was the Fribourg Sunday paper, 'La Liberté,' with an article about crèches written in French!  We have framed the article and are displaying with the set. A 50-year-old treasure finds a new home and it's not the recycling bin!

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