Dayton Life: 4th of July in Dayton

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Some of the most anticipated events of summer are our area’s phenomenal Fourth of July celebration events. From festivals and live music to fir... More


Why We Love Team Member Involvement (And You Should, Too!)

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By Michael Hoseus, Co-Author, Toyota Culture

Most organizations view lean as a program to eliminate waste and cut costs. Operations are “leaned out” and the assumption is that if well-trained experts properly implement the tools, the efficiency gains will be self-sustaining.  In the traditional “Lean Implementation,” Leadership delegates Lean to a set of champions or “belts” and then asks them to report results. Leadership goes about business as usual and the champions are out cutting costs through implementing lean tools.  The problem is that these tools are often used to promote a personal agenda.  Meanwhile, the subsequent improvements do not last because they didn’t include the people doing the work....  Read More


Service Sunday: Useful computer tricks!

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Ever wanted to become an expert on using your computer? Get yourself going in the right direction with these computer tips and tricks. Anything from u... More

Fun Friday: E3 2014

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E3 2014 is happening this week and it is a very exciting time for gamers. New technologies are being revealed from a multitude of companies, the bigg... More

Quick Tip Tuesday: Computer care in the Summer

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One of the most important aspects to computer care, other than specifically internal or external - is something that affects both. Heat is a large fac... More

First Weekend in DC

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Being raised in a small village made me appreciate the opportunity for novelty and opportunity. But after a week in DC, I’m having a hard time r... More


Repeat After Me "Bee-Stee"

Honors: Berry Summer Thesis Institute Cohort

06.09.2014 | Students

I am spending summer on UD's campus (something I believe all students should experience at some point) and while I am here I intend on having blog-wor... More


A Spiritual Adventure

Honors: Chaminade Scholars

06.09.2014 | Campus and Community, Catholic, Students

If I were asked to choose a moment in my freshmen year of college that shaped the rest of my years at UD, I would say it was on February 12, 2012 duri... More

Tech Thursday: Free Digital Magazines, Movies & Shows from…. Your Library?

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Many Public Libraries are moving into the new digital age and offering some great online resources.  So if you don’t feel like getting in ... More

Service Desk Spotlight: Adam Walter

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Name: Adam S. Walter Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology Year: Senior Hobbies: Disc Jockey / Soccer Ref / Ultimate Frisbee / Prototyping How ... More


Reunion at Roesch

University of Dayton Libraries


Reunion Weekend (June 6-8, 2014) is always filled with events, gatherings and parties as alumni come back to campus and share their achievements. Will... More

UD: Did you Know? - Gaming on Campus

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Did you know? The following devices are supported on campus: Microsoft Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One Sony PS2, PS3 and PS4 Nintendo Gamecube, Wii and ... More


Mary's Visitation in Holy Cards

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05.30.2014 | Catholic

Tomorrow, May 31, is the feast of Mary’s Visitation (for more on the theme and meaning of this special Marian feast day see the Mary Page). Any ... More


Documenting history at Roesch: the federal depository collection

University of Dayton Libraries


As a selective federal depository, Roesch Library collects materials published by the Government Printing Office. The library has been a depository si... More

Mac Monday: Go beyond the basic Info

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You use File > Get Info on Finder items, right? It opens the Info window for the selected item, which provides all sorts of…well, info. You... More

Dayton Life: Summer!

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We are finally into the days of steadying temperatures (aside from the mornings), and Spring and Summer fun can commence once again. Typically, we wou... More

Service Sunday: Computer Scrub

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We've covered some tips here in the past that tell you how to clean the inside of your machine (and the 2nd page of this article is no different), but... More

Quick Tip Tuesday: Windows 8 Tips!

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Have you ever been confused or feeling like you need help with the Windows 8 operating system? The page we've linked to below gives you inportant inf... More

Tech Thursday: Increase iOS Storage

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Have you ever been out of storage on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad? This little trick will allow you to store more files than you ever thought possible o... More

Service Desk Spotlight: Jon Morgan

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Name: Jon Morgan Major: Entrepreneurship Year: Sophomore Hobbies: Latest technology and cars How long have you been at UDit? Almost a year W... More