Reflection and the Path Toward God


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Reflection connects the past with the present and gives us an outlook for the future that we can strive toward and have some control over. Ultimately I believe that God has a plan and a mission laid out for each of us but He also calls us to use the moments of our past, including the knowledge that we gain, in order to make choices that will open our lives up to that divine plan and mission.

Mind-bending, awe-inspiring


Two outstanding exhibits featuring creative interpretations of Alice and Mary at University Libraries are in their final weeks. See “Inspired by Realism: Reconquering the Figurative Image of Mary" before July 31 and our Dalí exhibit before Aug. 16

Impromtu Trip To Newport Rhode Island With My Mother!


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Newport RI is a great place to visit with history, beautiful views and plenty of attractions and, if you enjoy sailing, this is the community for you!

Finding Truth


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You know how they say that you find your real friends in college? Wanna know why that is? In high school, you probably had one true best friend. You t...

On Display: Editions of Don Quixote


As part of the campus-wide celebration of the 400th anniversary of Miguel de Cervantes’ classic tale, the Libraries will display early and illustrated editions of Don Quixote Aug. 29 - Sept. 27.

Media Monday: Pluto and Charon


By now you may have heard about New Horizons, a NASA spacecraft that will fly by Pluto and its moon Charon tomorrow. New Ho...

Weekly Features: Week of July 13, 2015


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Content for this week honors Our Lady of Mount Carmel whose feast day is July 16. Commemoration days for the month of July are included.

Udit Summer of Service: The Word Is Spreading


Through our Summer of Service charitable actions, UDit is building a network of community partners.  Our contacts with Habitat for Hu...

A Catholic Comic-Con


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Many of the most famous comic books today, and in the past, focus on superheroes and other types of fantasy. Another genre of comics focusing on Christian themes has quietly existed right alongside these more well-known books, and we have a collection of them right here in the U.S. Catholic Special Collection in Roesch Library.

Pope Francis, Latin America and Our Lady


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Our Lady with Pope Francis on his Latin American Pilgrimage.

Transformative Power of Soul-Force


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By Binod Kumar - Research Fellow at the Human Rights Center

In the News: Posted July 8, 2015


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Read recent items about Mary in both Catholic and secular news, as International Marian Research Institute news and updates.

Quick Tip Tuesday: Recovering Word Files


You've heard it a hundred times before - always save your documents periodically! This is best practice to avoid losing any hard work you may have don...

Weekly Features: Week of July 6, 2015


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Content for this week highlights the seven sorrows and seven joys of Mary, July commemoration days and more.

My Favorite Place To Be In Upstate NY


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Cooperstown is also filled with a lot of culture...

Patroness of the U.S.A.


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In honor of Independence Day, pray this act of consecration to Mary.

2015 Catholic Education Summit Reflection


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Our 2015 Catholic Education Summit was held last Wednesday, June 24th at the University of Dayton River Campus. We had over 160 people in attendance including participants, vendors, presenters, and our own Center for Catholic Education (CCE) staff.

In the News: Posted July 1, 2015


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Read recent items about Mary in both Catholic and secular news, as International Marian Research Institute news and updates.

Alumni Profiles Needed


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Alumni are you interested in helping to recruit future Flyers? Then we need your help.

The Importance of Family Engagement


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Family engagement is a very important topic within Catholic Education. Teaching students in Catholic schools about faith and working to help them to grow in their faith cannot be fulfilled in the classroom alone.