Get to Know Your Fellow Flyer: Faiz Bader

If you know Faiz Bader ‘18, you know you will likely find him with a smile on his face and either on the soccer field, in Kettering Labs or hanging with friends in the neighborhood. Each of these things have become hallmarks for him while at UD.

Dayton was not his first stop during his time as a student in the U.S., but it has quickly become his favorite. Faiz is a 3rd year student in Electrical Engineering from Benghazi, Libya and has found his second home here. He did very well in high school and was chosen, along with a handful of students, to receive a scholarship for college. As a result of the political turmoil in Libya, he was eager to begin his studies in the U.S., but he knew learning English would be his first feat to overcome. Faiz started his college career in Seattle, Washington, studying English before he applied to UD and began his studies in the Intensive English Program for two semesters.  “I started with very little English, but I didn’t want that to stop me”, he shared.

Faiz was shocked at first when he arrived in Dayton. Traveling to the Midwest for the first time, he wasn’t sure what to expect, but with an open mind, he decided to give it a chance. He admits at first he thought he might want to go back, but he attributes the people at UD as what changed his mind. “People just care at UD. I didn’t get that in Seattle, and it showed. I saw international students helping other international students and the staff were so patient.”

Another reason he has grown to love UD as much as he has is because of size of the international student population. “Immediately I saw (international) students all over campus. Everywhere I went - throughout the neighborhood, in KU, in the library, everywhere”, he shared. “It was important I saw staff and faculty who were international too. I had TA’s who were international students,” another unique feature Faiz noted at UD.

Faiz lived in Marycrest his first year, and enjoyed that experience. He was in a triple room, with one roommate from the U.S. and one roommate from China. “This was the first time I had to share space with a stranger, but it was good experience to have to practice my English, and get to know other students on campus. It was fun.” Marycrest wasn’t the only place Faiz enjoyed engaging with the UD community. Kennedy Union’s dining area was also a place where he took initiative to meet other students and practice his English. “I’d just sit down at any table and ask, can I sit with you? I wasn’t afraid to initiate conversation because everyone has always been so welcoming.”

Faiz is active on campus, working as a student employee in the Center for International Programs, being a co-captain for an intramurals soccer team, and participating in the Libyan Club. When asked what his favorite experience has been so far, he shared “getting to help other international students as a student employee. It was an honor when I got the job, because I remember the first students who helped me.” Faiz had these words of encouragement to share with his fellow students, “don’t give up on things easily. Choose good people to surround yourself with and it will positively affect you.”

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