SGA Passes Resolution of Support

On February 12, 2017, UD’s Student Government Associate passed a resolution expressing support for those affected by President Trump’s Immigration Executive Order.  The resolution acknowledges the over 20,000 international students across the nation and nearly 50 UD students impacted by the ban.  It also affirms commitment to UD’s Catholic and Marianist principles, stating that the institution is committed to “inclusivity, the common good, and the life and dignity of all people regardless of race, nationality, or religion.” 

Christopher (Chris) Marek, an SGA Senator, and sponsor of the resolution shared after learning about the immigration executive order, he initially was surprised and concerned for his peers and how it would have impact.  As an engineering student Chris commented on the many international students he shares classes with and the concern he had that some may not be able to travel home.  Soon, Chris engaged his peers in SGA, inquiring about the possibility of drafting a resolution which eventually was developed by a few SGA members.

The President of SGA, Brendan Sweetman, commented on how the resolution is nonpartisan.  Members of SGA desired to ensure that the resolution did not divide the group, regardless of opinion.  Brendan comments, “College is a time to learn, educate and keep an open-mind…it should not be about one ideology. “  He goes on to say, “When one community is affected, we all are affected.”

On Tuesday, March 7, 2017, SGA is sponsoring “Divided but still United,” an event intended to create a platform for student voices.  Regardless of political affiliation, students are invited to share stories monologues or poems in response to how the election has affected individuals and relationships.  When asked about the importance of the SGA role in today’s climate, Chris commented, “Part of the goal of SGA is to bring attention to issues and give voice to those that may feel voiceless.  It is important for people to speak-up for themselves and others.”

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