Bro. Joseph W. Stander Symposium Expands in Offerings

April 5, 2017 will mark the 29th annual Brother Joseph W. Stander Symposium for the the University of Dayton community. This UD tradition is designed to provide an opportunity for students from all disciplines to showcase their intellectual and artistic research, creative endeavors, and academic achievements. Rooted in the Marianist tradition of education through community, this event is a campus wide effort for faculty and students to actualize our mission to be a "community of learners".  

Traditionally, the Stander Symposium has included a keynote speaker, poster sessions, hands-on-interactive activities, performances, art exhibits, oral presentations and highlights from capstone academic work. This year, you will find these learning opportunities, with the addition of a few more. The “Porch Project” will allow students to share their work from the front porch of their house in the student neighborhood. Hoping to be an informal, salon style gathering, students will present for 10 -15 minutes and then are asked to engage their guests and audience through conservations.

Another addition this year is the National Issues Forum on Climate Choices convened by The Hanley Sustainability Institute at the University of Dayton. The goal of the forum will be to gather participants to “weigh in on the options and trade-offs for what we as a community are willing to do to address climate change.”

Lastly, another major addition this year was the first ever Stander Symposium at the University of Dayton’s China Institute in Suzhou, China. On March 6, 2017, over 30 students presented their research and accomplishments related to business and engineering. The day included a tour of Jabil Green Point WUXI Plant Tour, a keynote speaker, and an afternoon of student presentations.

This year’s co-chairs for the symposium are Shannon Driskell, Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Joel Whitaker, Professor in the Department of Art and Design. We connected with Shannon to gain a few insights on what to expect for this year’s symposium. She shared, “we hope to provide opportunities [for students] to explore within their disciplines, and also explore outside of their fields of study to expand their academic horizons in other areas.” Additionally, she added, “the fact that our students are provided an opportunity to be mentored by faculty related to their research, scholarship, and artistic expression....brings to fruition our Marianist tradition of education by uniquely celebrating our community of learners.”

Among the list of presentations throughout the day, highlighted below are a few connected to intercultural engagement and global exchange:

Examining the Relationship Between Academic Success and Campus Engagement Among International Students at the University of Dayton
School of Education and Health Sciences: Counselor Education and Human Services
Poster - Course Project, 201710 EDC 569 D1
Students: Andy S Badii
Advisors: Savio D Franco
Location & Time: LTC Forum, 4:30-6:30

Cross-Cultural Immersion Experiences in Zambia, Malawi, and Cameroon
College of Arts and Sciences: History
Panel Discussion - Independent Research
Students: Alexandra M Altomare, Christine E Driscoll, Alison M Gaines, Chelsea R Jones, Kristen Elizabeth Ney
Advisors: Julius A Amin
Location & Time: Kennedy Union West Ballroom, 2:00-3:00

Partnering with IEP Students to Improve the Readability of a Seasonal Flu Health Document
College of Arts and Sciences: English
Poster - Course Project, 201710 ENG 366 H1
Students: Maria E Anderson, Dominick R Massa, Cynthianna M Mastropietro, Lauren T Olson
Advisors: Ann E Biswas
Location & Time: RecPlex Main Gym, 9:00-10:15

The Educational Journeys of Chinese Undergraduate Students Studying in Mathematics Programs at the University of Dayton
School of Education and Health Sciences: Counselor Education and Human Services
Poster - Course Project, 201710 EDC 569 D1
Students: Yanhui Hou
Advisors: Savio D Franco
Location & Time: LTC Forum, 4:30-6:30

Responding to the Needs of Students with Language Barriers Through Instructional Methods and Enhanced Educational Opportunities
School of Education and Health Sciences: Teacher Education
Poster - Course Project, 201710 EDT 110 H1
Students: Meghan D Grys, Frances M Rogan
Advisors: Susan M Ferguson, Rochonda L Nenonene
Location & Time: RecPlex Main Gym, 9:00-10:15

For more information about the Stander Symposium, visit udayton.edu/provost/stander/
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