Stander Poster Experience

By Ally Kern, Libraries Digital Projects employee, Communication major, Class of 2016

As being someone who printed the posters for students, I grew to know the importance of organization just through my small time working on this. I knew I had an important role, in the sense that it was up to me to make sure that everyone's poster was at top quality seeing as their presentation revolved around their poster. It was crucial that the students submitting their posters be just as organized. The easier the students made it for us, the smoother the entire process went.

There were two essential details they had to do to make our job easiest: save their file as a PDF and assign a designated pickup person in their emails to us. This was not a problem for most students, but a good amount would lack these steps, prolonging the time until we could print their posters. It was easy for me to see that organization was the key to make this process go as smoothly as possible, for both the students making the posters, and people like me on the other side that have to print the posters. As to be expected, many students waited until the last possible minute to either submit their posters or pick up their posters.

I believe that the sooner the students submit their posters, the easier the process would be, to ensure that everyone’s poster would get printed in a timely manner and not have to worry about last minute printing, where there is a greater chance for things to potentially go wrong. Overall, I enjoyed being able to be part of the process of Stander Symposium and learning about how much of things worked behind the scenes. I have come to learn that it is a long process to get ready for this big day and that it takes great teams of people to ensure that the day is ready and that it is at the top quality of what it should be.

Ally Kern, Libraries Digital Projects employee, Communication major, Class of 2016 

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