Book review: Life is what you make it

Reading Life Is What You Make It by Peter Buffett (which by the way is Warren Buffett’s son) was an easy read and very inspiring.  This is a book to be read at any life stage but I highly recommend it for undergraduates and 20-somethings.  The book talks about values, life choices and being convicted to something.  Believe it or not, Peter was not given the billions of dollars his father made.  Peter needed to find his own way; just like the rest of us.  Reading his book allows reflective thought during our time here on Earth.  Great quotes too can be found.  Check out the book on Roesch Library’s Kindle eBook readers.  Peter Buffett is also coming to Dayton showcasing his music on November 12th to benefit UD’s Human Rights Program.  

-Patricia Meinking, Acquisitions Assistant, University Libraries

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