Open Access Week and eCommons

With Open Access Week just around the corner, this month was the perfect time for the University of Dayton to roll out its newest research tool: eCommons. Open Access Week, running from October 21 through 27, celebrates the online access of scholarly research and reminds us of the importance of this access for academia and society as a whole. eCommons is UD’s way to participate in this open channel of published research.

So what can eCommons do for you? As a student, scholarly research is made available on an open platform authored by the best and the brightest here at UD. Whether you need information on patterns of gene expression, are interested in reading up on what happened at the recent Human Rights Conference, or want to take step back in time and look at the 1965 edition of the Daytonian, you can find it within eCommons. As an author, eCommons provides a permanent place to showcase your work. Your work will be accessible forever to individuals who will read and appreciate your research. Regardless of your role in the UD community, eCommons can prove to be a valuable resource.

See how eCommons can work for you at To learn more about Open Access Week visit their website at

- Taylor Nocera '15, Libraries Marketing and Events Intern

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