Just Another Productive Day at Roesch Library

Studying at Roesch Library is easy. There is no shortage of comfortable places to go to finish up papers and projects. Regardless of what you need to get done, there is a place to do it and resources to help you along your way. You just have to know where to look.

Suppose you have a final research paper due in two weeks, but you have no idea where to start. Going to the library is a smart first step. Your first destination after you walk in the glass doors is the Information Desk or Research Help desk on the first floor. At the start of an important project, there is no better place to begin. After a beneficial meeting with a librarian, you now have a topic and, better yet, a direction to focus your research.

A trip to the fifth floor quickly nets three solid books. This research paper will not take long after all! Settling down in the comfortable chairs in the corner, you pick through to find appropriate chapters. You feel surrounded by walls and walls of books. It is such a pleasant area; you take off your shoes and put up your feet on the low table...

What?! You must have dozed off! It was too relaxing! A glance at the clock shows that you have only lost about an hour. But now a jolt of energy is much-needed. Luckily, The Blend is not far away—and stays open late. Collecting your things, you head to the ground floor for a coffee and a bagel.

Back up to the second floor, you get on an unoccupied computer. Navigating through the library databases, you find two articles that add to your argument. Now, you have all you need to get started; you just need a quiet place to concentrate. There is one place for optimal silence: the sixth floor.

Disembarking the elevator, you find a personal cubicle and retrieve your notebook. The best way to plan your work is with a pencil and a pad of paper. You categorize your sources, formulate opinions, and draw up an outline. Another hour later, you have a few pages worth of good information. That final research project you were so worried about that morning? It’s almost done. All in a day’s work — at Roesch Library.

- Joseph Wooley '14, Information Desk Student Worker

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