DECA student completes internship at Roesch Library

Hi! I’m Asha and I just completed a ten week internship at Roesch Library as a DECA student. Some of you may be curious to know what DECA represents. DECA stands for Dayton Early College Academy. DECA is a high school whose goal is to prepare their students for college. At DECA, we are required to do six Gateways to graduate. What are Gateways, you ask? Gateways are huge projects that consist of many little things such as tracking attendance, writing papers, etc. One of the Gateway projects is to participate with an internship program, which is how I ended here at Roesch Library!

I originally wanted to come to the library because of my obsession with books and it was a choice well made. I have to say that I just loved the internship experience here at Roesch. There is definitely an upside to actually meet new people and have hands on learning. I just think that the whole environment to this place is so cool. I’ve been exposed to many different sides to the career of librarianship and if I have an opportunity to work in a library in the future, I probably will.

If I had to name one part of the internship that I was truly interested in, it would be when I worked in Cataloging. With this area, I get to work independently and do very detailed oriented work, which I am a fan of doing!

Even though DECA pushes me to do many things, I can sort of understand why we do things like this. It teaches you how to act professional and how to carry yourself in a respectful way while simultaneously learning about a career that interest you.

Overall, this internship experience has been great and I appreciate my time here. Thanks Roesch Library!

- Asha Thornton with Patricia Meinking, Acquisitions Assistant, University Libraries

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