Koran or Qur'an?

If you are looking for this holy book during the next few months, you might find it under either spelling. This is due to the Library of Congress’s changes to its subject headings that are being done in conjunction with changes to the international cataloging rules. Older bibliographic records use the “Koran” spelling, but records for new books coming in will be given the heading “Qur’an.” It will take us a while to catch up on correcting the old records.

Another change you might notice when looking in the catalog is that the books of the Bible are no longer prefaced by O.T. and N.T., abbreviations for the Old Testament and New. For instance, Bible.N.T. Gospels is now under simply Bible. Gospels. If you want a book about the entire New Testament, you still type in Bible first, and then spell out New Testament: Bible. New Testament.

We are providing cross references in the catalog, so once the transition is complete you will always be directed to the Library of Congress’s preferred title or subject heading. In the meantime, thank you for your patience!

-Joan Milligan, Catalog and Metadata Specialist

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