Tuesday April 7, 2015

Five not-so-hidden gems of Roesch Library

Roesch Library is a great place to learn, study and conduct research at the University of Dayton. Our services, our spaces and our materials attract about 2,000 people per day during regular weeks of the term. As we kick off National Library Week April 12-18, we thought we’d take the opportunity to share some of the great things you may not yet have discovered in Roesch Library:

1. The microwave.
Students asked, and we provided. It’s next to the vending machines on the second floor, just down the hall from the restrooms. The popcorn button is just right.
2. The Collab.
This tech-enabled learning and collaboration space, which opened in the summer of 2014, is adaptable for team projects, library instruction and group study. It’s in the far southwestern corner of the building on the first floor. If it’s booked, you can also try out the team collaboration cubicles in the adjacent hallway.
3. Phone and device chargers.
Yes, we think of everything. Anyone with borrowing privileges can check one out at the Access Services desk in the lobby.
4. A great view of the Dayton landscape.
Come to the seventh-floor bathrooms and see for yourself. While you’re there, stop by the Marian Library to see our expansive French Nativity, featuring the Holy Family among more than 150 figurines in a bustling Provence village.
5. Art all over by students, faculty and others.
When you need a break from studying, take a walk around and check it out.

And, during National Libraries Week, you can also win some nifty library swag in our finals week prize drawing. Details, hours, services, databases, catalogs and more are available onsite and online.

Happy National Library Week: “Unlimited possibilities @ your library."

- Maureen Schlangen, E-scholarship and communications manager


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