Changes to Journal Search

With a new semester comes some changes to the journal search feature on the library’s website. The new version is more streamlined in look and functionality with the library’s other searching tools like our databases, research guides, and UDiscover. Finding titles is now easier with a search box enabled with autocomplete. This gives suggestions of titles as you are typing rather than requiring you to know the exact name of the journal. Another feature that’s new is the ability to browse journals based on subjects. Subject categories can be found on the main journal search page and link to a list of journals covering that topic. This will make it easier to find relevant journals in your research area.

Full text availability options for a journal can be found underneath its title. Simply click the “+ Full Text Access” button under a journal to view the ways you can access it. Topic searches can also be done directly within an individual title from the journal search results, making the research process smoother. Results will be articles from that specific journal based on your search topic. Once an article is found, simply click the Full Text Finder button to connect with the library resource. So next time you start a research project or need an information update, check out the new improved journal search.

- Margaret Knapke, life & health sciences librarian

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