Wednesday May 20, 2015

Deogratias Eustace

By Nichole Rustad

The University of Dayton Libraries’ people, materials, services and technology have been valuable resources to civil engineering professor and Transportation Engineering Laboratory director Deogratias “Deo” Eustace and his students.

“The most useful thing for me is being able to go online to access a lot of very, very important journals, both from home and at the office,” says Eustace, whose research explores vehicle and motorcycle crashes, urban intersections, highway traffic and other transportation topics. “For me, it has been very helpful, if I’m at a conference or somewhere else, to be able to log in to UD, download and print various journal articles.”

Eustace also calls upon the Libraries to acquire the latest reference materials for use in his courses and his laboratory.

“I have a lot of books out from the library on my shelves,” he says, pulling The Art of Regression Modeling in Road Safety (2015) from a stack of six new reference books. “When I know of a new resource that I’d like to use, I just call Jack O’Gorman.”

O’Gorman, a research and instruction librarian and the library’s liaison to the School of Engineering, works closely with faculty to ensure that they have the books, journals, databases and support they need to conduct research, publish and teach.

“I’m always asking for new materials,” says Eustace, who has been at UD since 2005 and is the faculty adviser for the UD student chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. “Jack will help me to get what I need, whether through purchasing or through interlibrary loan. I’m a very frequent user of interlibrary loan, and once you get the materials, you can extend the loan period if you need. And I always send my graduate students to the library for research and writing help.”

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