Tuesday April 5, 2016

An 1836 Bible produced entirely in Ohio

Roesch Library has acquired an 1836 copy of the New Testament created entirely in Ohio during its early days in publishing. It is the King James translation in 179 pages of very small type.

Morgan & Sanxay, the publisher, had produced the first Bible in Ohio just six years earlier. The printing was done in stereotype by J.A. James, also in Cincinnati. The city was booming and book trade became an important industry in the area.

A charming handwritten note can be found on the first page: “May 23, 1843. This Book my name s[h]all ever claim as long as in my hand it is rest. And in it you read my name When I shall cease to my long rest. This Book Bought in Eaton, price 18 cents. -- Mary Ann Nettant" (Spelling of surname uncertain).

- Joan Milligan, Catalog and Metadata Specialist

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