Alumni library cards: Five great things

By Maureen Schlangen

  • 1. Bricks, clicks: Check out any physical materials that circulate in the UD Libraries, plus up to five items at a time through OhioLINK, the statewide network of academic libraries. See instructions below for searching the UD and OhioLINK catalogs.

  • 2. Quick picks: In the main lobby near the circulation desk, you’ll find some of the most popular works of fiction and nonfiction available: Graphic novels. New York Times bestsellers. Memoirs. Pulitzer Prize winners. And Roesch Library staff picks.

  • 3. Caffeine fix: It’s not just intellectual stimulation you get when you come to Roesch Library. The Blend, the student-run coffee shop on the ground floor, has a tasty menu of coffee, tea, soft drinks, smoothies and blended beverages, available with or without caffeine.

  • 4. Subject mix: UD has resources in all the subject areas in which degrees are offered. So whether you’re reading up on a new curiosity, developing a brilliant idea or pointing your panicked preteen to non-electronic bibliographic references for a school research project, we’ve got materials from Pavlov’s dog (psychology) to Schrödinger’s cat (mathematics) — not to mention a handy citation export feature in our library catalog.

  • 5. Silent six: If you’re in need of a really quiet place to read bound journals and other useful materials that can’t be checked out, come on up to the silent sixth floor.

If you live too far away to regularly visit Roesch Library, you will miss out on the coffee, the in-person book browsing and the terrific variety of quiet and technology-rich work spaces — but you still have access to OhioLINK. Instructions: Go to UD’s online catalog (flyers.udayton.edu). You can search by keyword, title, author and more. If we don’t have the book you’re looking for, click the “Search OhioLINK” button. This will connect you to the holdings of more than 100 OhioLINK member institutions. Click on a title and then the Request Item button, enter in your name and UD library card number, and a few days later, the items will be ready for pickup at the OhioLINK library of your choice.

But don’t forget to return them on time. Sure, we don’t have a diploma or a course registration to hold over unpaid library fines, but some things never change: Overdue library materials are a terrible thing to have on your conscience.

- Maureen Schlangen, E-scholarship and communications manager

For more information on registering for a free alumni borrowing card, read "Free library cards to all University of Dayton alumni living in Ohio."

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