Friday October 21, 2016

?Quadditch?" That?s Quidditch on the Quad!

By Bro. Andrew Kosmowski, SM

Hey, you Potterheads! We know that you are out there, in the midst of the Muggles. We know you long to watch a Quidditch match on the KU Quad field, but have been unable to because the owl with the invitation has not arrived. Well, this is your HOWLER!

Friends of Madam Pince (aka, University Libraries) most graciously invite you, Muggles and Potterheads alike, to spectate a Quidditch friendly on the KU Quad on Monday, October 24, 2016, at 4:00 p.m. Hot chocolate and Snitches will be provided for those who attend these festivities. Please come in costume, dress robes, or your best Muggle disguise.

After the match, the friends of Madam Pince most graciously request your attendance at Roesch Library to view a first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as autographed by J. K. Rowling, chronicler of The Boy Who Lived.

(In non-wizard speech, University of Dayton's own Quidditch Club and #ClubRoesch are sponsoring a Quidditch exhibition in the KU Quad Monday, October 24, 2016, at 4:00 p.m. Come and enjoy the match and Harry Potter-themed goodies. After the game ends around 4:20 p.m., travel to see the signed first edition of the Harry Potter book that started Pottermania in Roesch Library's Storytime Censored exhibit, up through Nov. 13 in the first-floor gallery).

- Bro. Andrew J. Kosmowski, SM, Librarian, Marian Library

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