Pick A DVD, Or Three

By Adam Schwartz

With the recent relocation of Roesch Library’s DVD collection from behind the circulation desk to the stacks, students, faculty and staff can now browse the entire inventory and check out titles for seven days at a time.

The collection is on the first shelf on the right as a person enters the stacks from the elevators on the sixth floor.

The collection includes classics  such as the 1977 Martin Scorcese film New York New York and the 1957 Stanley Kubrick film  Paths of Glory, based on the 1935 novel of the same title by Humphrey Cobb. It also contains a small number of documentaries and television series, including Atomic Cafe (2002 — a 20th anniversary edition of the 1982 original) and Jesus Camp (2006).

The DVD collection is great for entertainment, information, or a wide range of academic endeavors including film, English, history and culture. The documentaries in particular can supplement classes, help deepen understanding, and be used as secondary sources in historical research papers.

Come browse the collection or use the libraries catalog to search for a specific title.

But whatever you do, don’t be late turning them in; they can only be renewed once, and once they’re overdue, the fine’s $1 per day.

At least you don’t have to rewind them.

- Adam Schwartz, a senior, is a library student employee in the Knowledge Hub.
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