Monday February 26, 2018

LexisNexis Academic is now Nexis Uni

By Christina Beis and Meg Barkley

This winter, the popular research database LexisNexis Academic migrated to a new and improved interface, Nexis Uni. It remains a high-quality destination for company information, current legislation, and historical U.S. Supreme Court decisions. Expanding on that content, Nexis Uni features more than 15,000 news, business, and legal sources from LexisNexis with an interface that offers a single search across all content types.  

The new interface includes personalization features such as ID and password creation, which allows a user to bookmark documents of interest to review later; save searches; and schedule alerts for topics of interest. Collaborative features such as document and folder sharing make it easier to partner with other students and faculty on projects.

The new interface also offers discipline pages, which curate relevant topics, sources, tasks, and documents pertinent to scholars within a particular area of study. Discipline pages are now available in business, political science, and criminal justice; more will be added in the future.

University faculty, staff, and students can access Nexis Uni from Roesch Library’s list of databases. Try out the new interface to find information for your next research project.

— Tina Beis, Discovery Services Librarian, and Meg Barkley, Life and Health Sciences Librarian

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