Government Documents Collection: 'Go to the source'

By Scott N. West

Did you know that Roesch Library has been an official Federal Depository Library since 1969? This means we offer free public access to print and/or electronic publications of the Government Printing Office. So, when you hear about government hearings, reports, regulations, or related information and publications, you can read the actual item through Roesch Library’s print or electronic subscriptions. If you have questions about what you’ve seen or heard recently, go to the source and read it for yourself.

Here are a few interesting documents recently added to the collection:

Attu: the Forgotten Battle

  • By John Haile Cloe / National Park Service / I 29.2:AT 8/3 Read govdocs wherever you see this logo.
  • This book, released in December 2017, tells the story of a grueling battle in a mountainous terrain to reclaim the freezing and fogbound Aleutian Island of Attu from the Japanese in May 1943. Historian John Haile Cloe takes the reader through each day of the battle, followed by telling of the aftermath and lessons learned from the battle and its effect.

The City Becomes a Symbol: The U.S. Army in the Occupation of Berlin, 1945-1949

  • By William Stivers & Donald A. Carter / Center of Military History / D 114.2:C 67/2/B 45
  • This book tells the story of the first four tumultuous years of the U.S. Army’s occupation of Berlin as the city became the epicenter of superpower confrontation in Europe, setting the stage for the decades-long face-off with the Soviets in Germany. The book is part of the U.S. Army Center of Military History’s U.S. Army in the Cold War series.

Open Hearing with Former FBI Director James Comey

  • Hearing before the Select Committee on Intelligence of the US Senate / Y 4.IN 8/19:S.HRG.115-99
  • You may have seen excerpts from this on social media. Now you can read it from start to finish.

“Refugee Crisis in Europe & Turkey: Current Challenges & Responses”

  • Briefing of the Commission on Security & Cooperation in Europe / Y 4.SE 2:R 25/4
  • This is an October 10, 2017, briefing of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe.

San Juan Island National Historical Park: An Environmental History

  • By Christy Avery / National Park Service / I 29.2:SA 5/12/2016
  • The author began to explore the changing relationship between humans and nature in U.S. national parks as a graduate student at the University of Washington. Her research goal in 2004 was to produce a historical narrative that provides context for environmental change in the park and surrounding landscape. San Juan Island National Historical Park is near the U.S. border with Canada in northwestern Washington. Includes bibliographical references!

“Building the Capacity of Tax Preparation Providers to Encourage Saving”

  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Office of Financial Empowerment / FR 2.2:SA 9/2
  • This paper refines a list of promising practices to encourage saving at tax time and provides deeper insight into the goals and intent of consumer behavior during the tax filing and refund process.

Visit Access Services in the first-floor lobby to see these items. Or, use the online catalog to search for government documents.

— Scott N. West, Information Resources

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