Friday June 8, 2018

Baby Boom

By Katy Kelly and Maureen Schlangen

Students weren’t the only ones up all night during the 2017-18 academic year. Five people working in the University Libraries have welcomed newborns since August — a bit of a baby boom.

Two of the tots are already pals and “classmates” at the same daycare, and another, having developed an early appreciation for shelves, may have a future in books.

We had a gathering of the library baby boomers and learned a bit more about this cohort of future Flyers. Welcome to the Flyer family Miles, Philip, Desi, Emilio and Catherine!

Name: Miles
Born: August 2017
Age: 9 months
Current Favorites: Feeding himself sweet potato fries, swimming, pinwheels, and unfolding any recently folded laundry with his big brother, Reid.

Baby name: Philip Shreffler
Birth month/year: September 2017
Age: 9 months
Favorite things: Eating, crawling, pulling up to standing, pushing toy cars around while he crawls, climbing stairs, opening cabinets, our cats, ceiling fans, patty-cake, listening to songs.

Baby name: Desmond Alexander (Desi)
Birth month/year: September 2017
Age: 8 months
Favorite things at this moment: Eating yogurt; swimming and bath time; playing with stacking toys; laughing at his big brother, Dylan

Baby name:  Emilio Escobar
Birth month/year: December 2017
Age: 6 months
Favorite things at this moment: Currently trying out new fruits and veggies. Learning to roll over; seems to know when the TV is on, but is not allowed to watch; still enjoys keeping Mom and Dad up at all night while thinking of his future night-owl ambitions.

Baby name: Catherine Barbara
Birth month/year: February 2018
Age: 3.5 months
Favorite things at this moment: Her toes.

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