Friday April 26, 2013

Cultivated Spring

By Nichole Rustad

<p>Admiring the Denis Ryan Kelly, Jr. photography exhibit, I located my favorite piece titled &amp;#8220;Sunset, Farmland, Spring.&amp;#8221; &amp;#160;</p>

Perhaps this photograph speaks to me at this moment because spring seems so late in its arrival or the fact that I grew up in rural Ohio and it reminds me of home. I also discovered that Denis Kelly will size prints to your needs and budget. I plan on purchasing this print later in the year. 

Take time to soak up the beautiful photographs. You can even take an audio tour of the exhibit. Visit the circulation desk to obtain the CD and headphones. The exhibit runs in the Roesch Library gallery through May 12, 2013. To contact the artist, visit

Patricia Meinking, Acquisitions Assistant within the Information Acquisition & Organization Division of University of Dayton Libraries


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