Monday February 12, 2018

Faculty Development Resource for Cheating

By David Wright

The Faculty Development Committee has put together a resource paper that lists steps faculty can take to help combat contract cheating in their courses.  Contract cheating is a type of academic dishonesty that violates the University of Dayton Honor Code and academic honesty policy.  Freelancers or companies offer services to students to “help” write their essays and complete assignments for a fee.  Students find such services by searching online. The resource for faculty includes ways to help students understand their risks in using contract cheating, approaches faculty can use to create an environment for improved academic integrity and if all else fails, steps to take if incidents of cheating are discovered.  This helpful paper can be found on a new web page created by the FDC to disseminate practices to improve academic integrity.  The address is  Please let us know at if you would like additional information or if you have some “lessons learned” about academic integrity you would like to share with your colleagues.

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