CAP Course Improvement and Innovation Grants: Post 4-Year Review

The Common Academic Program (CAP) is intended to be a dynamic curriculum in order to provide the best education for students at the University of Dayton. This ideal is essential for progress and innovation, which is why the CAP 4-Year Review process is so important. With each passing cycle, more courses are up for review, giving faculty the opportunity to revisit the learning outcomes they have for their students. This chance for reflection encourages course innovation and enhances student learning.

Those faculty who already completed this process during the first two review cycles had the opportunity during the fall semester to submit a proposal for a $1,000 grant to help them achieve their goals. The new Course Improvement and Innovation Grant program is managed by the CAP Leadership Team (CAPL) and supported by the Provost’s Office, Ryan C. Harris Learning Teaching Center, and the CAP Office. These grants allow faculty members to take their ideas for the courses further and achieve the goals they set for themselves and their students. CAPL awards the grants – looking for proposals that articulate a clear plan for course improvement connected to assessment for student learning.

CAPL recently reviewed proposals and awarded seven grants to veterans of the first two 4-Year Review cycles. Recipients include the following courses/faculty members:

  • EDT 305: Philosophy and History of American Education (John White and Oded Zipory)
  • EDT 340: Educating Diverse Student Populations in Inclusive Settings (Novea McIntosh)
  • GEO 103: Principles of Geography (Andrew Rettig and Shuang-Ye Wu)
  • GEO 109: Earth, Environment, and Society (Zelalem Bedaso and Andrea Koziol)
  • HST 103: The West and the World (Caroline Merithew and Bobbi Sue Sutherland)
  • HST 339: Gandhi’s India (Haimanti Roy)
  • HST 498: History Capstone Seminar (David Darrow, Laura Sextro, and Todd Uhlman)

Another request for proposals for the CAP Course Improvement and Innovation Grants will be offered in Fall 2019. At that time, faculty associated with any course that has completed the 4-Year Review process and has not previously received a grant will be eligible to apply. The CAP Leadership Team and the CAP Office congratulate this year’s recipients for their achievements and hope to see more applicants taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity in the future.

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