2011 view of the lake

A Kindred Spirit in the Mountains

By Mike Hilton

A friend and mentor once told me that if a past experience continues resurfacing it means that you haven’t fully processed it. A decade and a half after driving an old blue Chevy van out of the mountains, I find myself frequently going back to the experience, knowing there’s more to learn, more growth to come.

I find a kindred spirit in those same mountains, more active participant in the experience than backdrop. More than anything else in the region, that landscape has shaped the Appalachian people and their culture, and they had the same effect on me during my 3 month stay. I find peace and comradery there.

As a Lexingtonian, I revisit those sacred hills frequently, knowing that I’ll emerge refreshed, much like visiting an old friend. When I do, the mountains and I together reflect on the white house on the side of the road that itself has seen so much. It tells its story on the walls and ceilings, somehow conveying the many voices of UDSAP past in the harmony of one song.

I’m grateful to be counted among the choir.

Mike Hilton   UDSAP '02

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by Morgan (Groh) Gaerke  UDSAP '11

I still crave showering in the lake, living with people that became my best friends, going on midnight adventures, having life chats, hugging those kids when they came to us. I crave swinging on the porch swing drinking tea. I crave being frustrated, growing in such immense ways, seeing God shine so brightly. I crave time with those kids, running wild and free with them, picking blackberries, going swimming, doing crafts.

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That Summer

by Charissa Qui  UDSAP '11

That summer, I lay beside the shade of a tree, borrowing the blanket of warmth from the sun to dry off the evidence of the creek where I learned to skip my first rock. Next to me lay a little girl way beyond her years, who spoke empathy and acceptance with her eyes, compassion and love with her touch, and who taught me self-love, innocence and resilience with her laughter and her joy.

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