UDCAG group 1976

Memories from 1976 and 1977

By Susan Mospens

Sharing some UDCAG memories from 1976 and 1977:

  • The house and the barn…the women slept in the second floor of the house and guys were in the barn
  • A tree trunk used to help support the ceiling in the dining room
  • Hauling water in milk jugs into the house after filling them each day in town
  • The outhouse log
  • The front porch swing and the front steps…a place to rest, play music, and share
  • Watching a black snake eat a toad on the front lawn
  • Lowering Junior down the well on a rope to retrieve the lost buckets at the bottom of the well.
  • Planting a garden on the slopes in back
  • Using water from the spring to shower
  • The outdoor shower and showers outside when it rained
  • The coal stove that kept us warm on those cold weekend visits in the winter
  • Trips to the ridge in the evening to reflect, watch the stars
  • The twins Jimmy and James who brought a June bug tied to a string to camp – like a dog on a leash
  • The 4th of July square dance 

Magoffin County Families we visited:

  • The Blantons
  • The Shepherds
  • The Gambles
  • Edna Fletcher – who lived in an old school bus

Early UD members:

Rita Pochard, The Berkmeiers – phil, tommy, Elizabeth - Barb Puncer and Tom Lynch, Karen and Bob Kastelic, Cindy Currell, Annie Deaton, Binnie Eiger, Laura Urgo, Jerry Hardt, Andrea McColgan, Rob Monteserin, Fawn O’hara, Dave Schultz, Sue Schultz, Don Liszkay, Tom Liszkay Regina Clark.

Susan M. Mospens, PhD