Lighthouse Spring 2014

Share Your Master's Joy

By Mike Bennett and Meaghan Crowley, Office of Christian Leadership, Vocation, and Retreats

As Christian disciples, we are called to discover our unique gifts and share them with others for the common good. This
understanding of vocation allows us to invoke these gifts in response to a call so that our gifts may be multiplied. It’s this process that allows us to share in our Master’s joy - a phrase we hear a few times in today’s Gospel.

We all have many ways to put our gifts into action for the common good. Perhaps for you, one of those opportunities is by embracing a leadership role in some way on campus, maybe through Campus Ministry. Campus Ministry is currently inviting any sophomore through senior interested in leading the Catholic Lenten Retreat, Lighthouse Retreat, Men’s Wilderness Retreat and/or the Women’s Wilderness Retreat in the Spring 2018 semester to consider completing our retreat leader application that can be found at We hope you’ll consider your own gifts and talents and putting those into action by applying to lead a retreat, whether you’ve participated in the retreat(s) you’re applying for or not. The completed form and accompanying long-form questions are due by Noon on Wednesday, November 29th.

And, if leading a retreat isn’t for you - there are plenty of other ways through Campus Ministry to grow as a disciple and use your gifts to walk with your peers in their faith journey. Let us know if there are other opportunities you might be interested in, or if there are other ways we can better serve you! Together lets share in our Master’s joy!

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