Hello From the Otherside

Adele's "Hello"

By Mike Bennett

It might be daunting to start thinking about the Lenten season, but in two short weeks it will be upon us! I will admit that I often fall short in seizing the opportunity to grow spiritually during the Lenten season. That failure hits me in the Easter season feeling like the narrator in Adele’s “Hello,” asking God if we might be able to reconnect or dreaming of how our relationship once was. Challenges like these emphasize our need to process and journey with others throughout periods of life. Take the disciples’ journey that brought them together at the Last Supper, at Pentecost, and at many other times in their faith-filled lives. They weren’t perfect but they sought time together to gather for accountability, for healing, for rejuvenation, for worship, and to share life and their encounters with Christ with one another. That time fueled them to put their faith into action and to share Christ with the world.

Why not share this journey of Lent with others through an experience of a small faith community? Lenten Journey Groups are student led small faith communities that will meet once a week for an hour and a half throughout Lent. Groups will begin the week of February 7 and conclude the first week of April 3. Students interested in leading please register at the website http://tinyurl.com/LentenJG before January 26. Students interested in participating please register at the website http://tinyurl.com/LentenJG after January 26. More information is available on the Campus Ministry website. If you have questions contact Mike Bennett at: mbennett3@udayton.edu.

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