All Saints

By Fr. Thomas Schroer

A story is told about a six year old girl who accompanied her mother to the nursing home to visit an elderly woman. When they were leaving the nursing home after a very pleasant visit, the mom said to her daughter, “That wom- an has such a beautiful, bright smile and in my opinion she is a saint.” Later after doing some shopping, they visited the local cathedral and said a brief prayer. The little girl noticed the beautiful stained glass windows and the sun shining through the windows. After a short time the six year old asked her mother who those figures were in the windows. Her mom told her that those figures are saints.

The next day in religion class the little girl’s teacher was talking about saints. “What is a saint?” the teachers asked the class. Of course, the little girl’s hand shot up. “A saint is someone the light shines through.” The little girl ex- plained. “And when that happens everyone comes to life.”

Indeed, on this feast of All Saints we recall that a saint is someone through whom the transcendent light shines through and that light brightens our lives. Who in your life are the individuals through whom the transcendent and radiant light shines? Is the light of Christ shining through in your life? How might that light shine through even more radiantly? 

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