ICC Chapel

A Call to Serve

By Daniel Sales

Learn, lead, serve are words we hear as students on our first day on campus. Pope Francis recently remarked: “The world tells us to seek success, power, and money. God tells us to seek humility, service and love".

While Campus Ministry has many service opportunities, the particular way I chose was to be a mass coordinator. I chose to be a mass coordinator because I wanted to assist with people attending Mass getting the most out of the liturgy and scripture. Preparing the Mass to run smoothly deepens the experience for the assembly and allows them to focus on the Gospel message. I was surprised at how much more I was able to engage with the readings. In preparing the books for Mass, I had time to read and reflect on the scripture’s message. I was able to find more connections to my daily life from the readings by spending this additional time with scripture. The involvement in the liturgy gave a great satisfaction and furthered my overall understanding of the Mass. It was an excellent leadership opportunity, and allowed me to be involved in serving the UD community in a small way. Even if the contribution seems small, it is still a great way to respond to Pope Francis’ call to serve others and be engaged in the community.

We are in need of more mass coordinators for all Masses. If you are interested in this service and leadership opportunity, contact Fr. Kip at cstander1@udayton.edu

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