Adanna Smith

Leaving a Part of Myself in Cameroon

By Adanna Smith '16

When I went to Cameroon on a summer immersion through the Center for Social Concern, it was an experience unlike anything I had ever done in my life. I felt like I was at home, and I grew so much as a person while I was there. During my stay we were stationed in Kumba. The people there are genuinely good people. It is impossible not to see God in the lives and culture of the people in Cameroon. They live selflessly and give abundantly even when they do not have it. There were so many times when people paid for my cab or bought me food just to show that I was important to them.

One of the people I met there was a ward maid at the hospital where I worked. Her name was Joyce, but I called her Mami. We became very close over the course of my trip and we even still talk to this day. She gave me the honor of naming her baby girl that she was pregnant with during my stay. I named the little girl after me. Mami Joyce told me that there would always be a part of me in Cameroon. The experiences and memories like this one made me realize how to care for others and take care of people the way that Christ calls us to. I loved my time there and I cannot wait to go back!

--Adanna Smith '16

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