Tuesday January 24, 2017


By Amber Johnson

Metanoia (noun): A transformative change in heart through a spiritual conversion.

Metanoia. A word that I had never heard as of two years ago, despite my 20 years of acquired vocabulary. A word that despite its meaninglessness then, would come to have a world of meaning in the following months and years. Sophomore year was a dark shadow in my life. I had just experienced the great loss of a loved one and I struggled, but failed, most days to find meaning in my life. When I skeptically signed up for the Metanoia retreat I had no idea how much I truly needed it. To heal. To break down the walls around my heart to let others in again. To remind me of my numerous gifts. To listen to the nudge of God’s call in my life. The lessons I learned from Metanoia are endless and are lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I have seen how this retreat touches the lives of others, allows them to own their own story, connect with God and create lasting positive change in their lives. I have seen and experienced the creation of lasting friendships from this retreat and I invite you to join us on retreat February 10-12, 2017. Who knows, maybe in the process you might find your own Metanoia. Registration is open to sophomores through seniors at http://tinyurl.com/UDRetreats. Financial aid is available upon request. If you have any questions please contact Mike Bennett at mbennett3@udayton.edu.

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