Chaste, Poor, Obedient . . . and Stable?

By Bro. Mark Motz, SM

What do those words even mean. . . Especially to a young adult? For me, they mean freedom. I live in a world where freedom to choose is held in high regard and I get to daily choose to give up certain things in order to be more free. Three years ago, I promised to God and vowed to observe chastity, poverty, and obedience. I like to refer to these Evangelical Counsels (or vows) as “No Honey, No Money, No Funny” to get the intended chuckle, but am very aware that these phrases say “No” but really are more of a “Yes”. I get to say “yes” like Mary, who acclaimed the greatness of the Lord. By my yes, I am supported by these vows which help me remember that God is the source of my life’s vocation, not just greed, lust, individualism, or many other things that tempt me.

College is a time for exploration; I pray that you take time to explore God’s call in your life. Apply for grad school, interview for jobs and go to career fairs, but also attend events that look at a year of service beyond UD, attend Vocation Conferences hosted by your peers (on 11/12), and go to dinners that talk about what it means to be poor, chaste, obedient, and stable (on 11/13). Your education is a gift, use it to find your vocation and transform the world. Be free. Be you. Be the person God is calling you to be.

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