Choosing to See Transformation

By Mary Cummins Wlodarski

The disciples got a bit of a shock.

Peter, James, and John went up the mountain expecting to pray, certainly, and perhaps even to hear a lesson or two from their Teacher. They could not have foreseen Elijah and Moses joining them, nor could they have predicted the Transfiguration.

We can easily excuse their confusion. Of course they wanted build tents and stay right there! When would they ever get a chance to do this again?

But they don’t stay there. They go back down the mountain and head on towards Jerusalem, where the Passion awaits.

Jesus showed them the reality that was there all along, but one they often didn’t appreciate. He revealed himself as the Son of God, the Beloved; in a way even the sometimes slow disciples couldn’t miss.

Lent is a time for us to remember what is with us all along. We too stand with the Son of God in our midst each Eucharist especially. We too are beloved. We too are transformed by the death and resurrection.

Maybe we don’t get a “mountain top experience” everyday. Still, we need to be awake and aware to the voice of God in our lives, right now, right here. And it is good that we are here to receive it!

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