Couples Growing Together in Love, Faith, and Understanding

By Luke Horner and Corinne Woodruff

Are you in a relationship and looking to explore topics of commitment, communication, faith and prayer, and intimacy with your partner? If you answered "yes" to the previous question, consider registering for Couples Journey Group!

For us, the Couples Journey Group created an intentional space where we could focus on our faith lives and learn about who we are as a couple. Having different topics each week allowed us to look at a variety of aspects within our relationship and helped us to see how we wanted to grow as a couple. This opportunity helped us reaffirm the idea we wanted a faith-based relationship. The intentional couple discussions were our favorite part because it created space for us to learn to be honest with each other in our relationship. We have found it easier to have serious conversations since the journey group because it gave us the tools we needed. 

The Couples Journey Group allows wonderful opportunities to meet with and understand the dynamics of other couples around campus. The space builds friendships as well as relationships in faith, some of which have lasted past the end of the group meetings. We still meet with some of these couples to discuss our lives and couples, as well as simply to spend time with like-minded individuals.

Whether you are in a long term relationship or just beginning to see one another, we strongly encourage signing up for Couples Journey Group. It is a way to pause and take time to focus on your relationship in faith in the midst of a world which never stops moving. 

Registration is open until Wednesday, October 11th here. Questions can be directed to Mike Bennett at mbennett3@udayton.edu.

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